Here’s how it works:

The cost for qualified, non-profit organizations to host fundraising events is $30 per admission. You set the selling price for your event. The Nu Canvas will donate the difference between your $30 cost and your selling price to your organization. We suggest a $39 or $45 per person admission price. We have a maximum capacity of 35 people

There are no physical tickets to sell. We handle all payment transactions through our online registration system. Your supporters will sign up directly at our website at a price that you set.

We will keep you updated as to how many have signed up. Last-minute walk-ins are welcome, however we do encourage supporters to register in advance so that we can seat groups together and prepare paints for participants before their arrival.

We require proof of the organization’s 501(c) tax status, and proof that you are authorized to coordinate fundraising events on behalf of the organization. (If you are not a 501c organization, talk to us as we may still be able to host your event).

Within 7 days following the event, The Nu Canvas will donate proceeds directly to the non-profit organization.

Presently, we allow a maximum of 2 fundraisers per month on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, or on Monday–Thursday evenings, providing we haven’t yet posted a public event to our calendar. We suggest you reserve a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of event in order to allow adequate time to sell at least 25 admissions so that the event is profitable for you.

Painting events last approximately three hours. We are happy to help you select a painting that will appeal to a broad range of supporters.

There are no age restrictions. Kids are always welcome.

Contact us for more information.

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