Tuesday’s Tip-canvas prep

​​ ​Yesterday I began the process of preparing my canvas so I could begin painting and thought that this would be a great opportunity to offer a quick and easy tip on preparing your canvas.  As much as I hate patronizing Hobby Lobby, they have a weekly 40% coupon and I couldn't resist!  I purchased … Continue reading Tuesday’s Tip-canvas prep

Margaret Garner-Resilient

"I think slavery is the next thing to hell. If a person would send another into bondage, he would, it appears to me, be bad enough to send him into hell if he could." Harriet Tubman This is the story of a woman who fought to escape the hellishly inhumane institution of slavery so that … Continue reading Margaret Garner-Resilient

Marcus Aurelius – Fall of the Roman Empire

I decided to write this to give a little background on what inspired me to render this Marcus Aurelius piece. With that being said let's get to the good stuff! Gladiator, a movie starring Russell Crowe and Directed by Ridley Scott. Ridley Scott's behind many great films like American Gangster, Hannibal, & G.I. Jane! Well … Continue reading Marcus Aurelius – Fall of the Roman Empire

Happy Customers 

Every painter paints himself. Every traditional or functional piece that I have had the opportunity to render is essentially a representative of my idiosyncrasies and ultimately myself to a degree. It warms my heart that Vanessa decided to purchase this Ali functional & conversational piece for her significant other Kenneth. I'm even happier that he … Continue reading Happy Customers