Pinkalicious Tote Sale!

13.5" x 13.5" x 3.5" acrylic on tote Price includes shipping and tax. These totes make great gifts! There are only 10 available so order yours today! Just click here to order. 


Beer Season Totes Availabl!

All totes include shipping & tax Tote #1 - Chalkboard Beer Season / 1 available / 13.5" x 13.5" x 3.5" / acrylic & chalkboard paint on canvas / $40 Tote #2 - Beer Season / 13.5" x 13.5" x 3.5" / acrylic on canvas / 5 available / $30 Tote #3 - … Continue reading Beer Season Totes Availabl!

Bloom tote

I'm a visual artist with the heart of a sous chef!  I absolutely love food! Before my little family moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta a few years back we started carrying canvas totes to grocery shop, not only because It's environmentally friendly but it's actually more convenient. As often as I carried a tote … Continue reading Bloom tote

Tuesday’s Tip

The Storm on the Sea of Galilee / Rembrandt / 1633 Hello! Today's tip comes from the master himself, Rembrandt, and it's so true! Creating what you're capable of will quickly show what is you may not know! Sometimes if I'm not completely confident in a particularl technique I'll study a piece rendered by an … Continue reading Tuesday’s Tip