Floral Dreams

My mind wanders aimlessly, sometimes to a field of surrealism where air taste like chocolate, clouds are hammocks, and corrupt leaders are met with a Willy Wonka like cautionary tale, watching all of the bad eggs roll and disappear or implode violetly. Other times my thoughts are trapped, housed in a simulated version of reality. Some people say that they don’t dream, they somehow sleep and in the paraphrased words of Edgar Allen Poe loathe those little pieces of death, but I dream in HD.


About a week or so ago I dreamed that I fell into a lake of flowers and I began to drown. The more I fought for air the more I drowned into an abyss of roses(not my favorite flower by the way) Every gasp for air was met by one owl scowling, judging, and protecting me.

I woke up in a cold sweat and of course my mind began to wander and so I began to sew and paint. Canvas and acrylic the story of my life. I wanted to capture what I think I saw. I wanted to capture that moment. Catch the dream, a dream catcher! I’m a visual artist so I guess I am a dream catcher. I’m able to create/draw or paint for the most part my visions. After visiting a few fabric stores, assembling, sketching, and painting, voila!

I’ve taken fabric and canvas/re-purposed a dollar tree sketch book and re-created my dream. What’s your dream……

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