Meeting Rembrandt at The Getty

This photo’s a bit off focus…. ok lets be honest its blurry! It was my 1st time @thegetty & my 1st time meeting Rembrandt(personification of his paintings). The museum has an air tight security system in place & patrons can’t get too close to the art. Sneaking this photo in was definitely worth possibly getting yelled at by security! 
Rembrandt’s St. Bavo – knight with a falcon

Rembrandt mastered dramatic lighting and my photo does not do this masterpiece justice so if you currently reside in LA County, So Cal, or the west coast, visit Rembrandt! If you can’t visit, google this piece, its breathtaking(in my opinion).  

On another note, or kind of the same note …Visit your local art museum, you never know what who/what you’ll see!


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